Change log

This is a detailed log of all changes made to STE over the course of the project's development.

24 Sep 2012 02:08 History

Next minor release (v4.xx) - Still in development

STE v4.04 - Download, released on 24 September 2012

  • Fixed: Scrollbar added to Open Project dialog list so that the button is always visible
  • Removed: 'File Manager' option from Page Options
  • New: Site Options popup menu that can open site manager
  • New: Font Size slider added to Preferences, default font set to Courier size 15. Font updates are live.

STE v4.03 - Download, released on 13 September 2012

  • Minimum length for project names has been reduced from five (5) characters to three (3).
  • Partially fixed issue with old version number being displayed immediately after an update

STE v4.02 - Download, released on 12 September 2012

  • Removed unnecessary spacing on the right of page editor
  • Fixed: Incorrect RegEx meant that a project name could not include a hyphen (Thanks: Helmuti, James)
  • Fixed: Progress bar was not being displayed when loading a page. Pages may also load quicker now.
  • Added: Page title is displayed above content in editor
  • Added: STE will now "beep" after loading a project, which is useful for sites with thousands of pages that take a while to load

STE v4.01 - Download, released on 12 September 2012

  • Minor release to ensure that updates are working correctly
  • New item added to the context menu for an upcoming File Manager feature
  • Added new "Help" menu with a very basic "About STE" dialog (Shortcut: F12)

STE v4.00 - Download, released on 12 September 2012

New version of STE re-written from the ground up! The main focus for this first release is the new deployment and update system. The application itself lacks several core features, but this will be rectified during future updates.

Notable new features:

  • Open an entire site as a project at once
  • Select an item in the tree view to display information about it (e.g. number of pages, or _template detection)
  • Click on a page name to open it up for editing
  • Right-click on an open page to view it in your default web browser
  • Support for HTTP network proxies was a 3.50 feature that has been re-implemented

Coming soon:

  • Whilst you can edit the page content in the editor, you cannot save your changes. Everything is read-only at the moment.
  • A number of OSX-exclusive features are not implemented (native shortcuts for About, Preferences)
  • The preferences window was thrown together quickly and needs a slight redesign

Known issues:

  • Sometimes pages in the tree view incorrectly appear with a folder icon. I haven't determined the cause yet.

STE v3.50 - Download, released on 01 August 2011

This release brings a number of exciting new features to your wikidot editor! When exporting a page you can now modify the description of changes, prevent STE from checking whether the page exists (making exporting a lot faster), and send notifications to your watchers (making it useful for writing blog posts and other pages that you want your users to be notified about).

Additionally, STE can now be used on more computers in more locations as this release includes support for HTTP network proxies, including those that require user authentication. Many corporate environments such as your workplace, school or university may use a HTTP proxy.

Major features:

  • You can now specify a comment (or "description of changes") when exporting a page
  • It is possible to disable the check for whether a page exists when you are exporting
  • Notifications can be sent to watchers of the page when you export
  • New "Network" settings tab that allows you to connect to the API through a HTTP network proxy. Proxy authentication is supported, but recommended that you only use it on a private computer as it's possible that someone else may be able to obtain your network password otherwise.

Other changes:

  • Export dialog now uses a third-party layout manager. Some fields have been re-positioned to make use of available space.
  • Mac OS X: Trackpad Gestures have been removed, but may be added again in the future.

Bug fixes:

  • Save button was not visible on the Page Meta dialog.

STE v3.43 - Download, released on 09 July 2011

This release contains a few useful new features, including automatic backup of your document at a regular interval (however this currently acts strange when you open multiple windows), and moving all data files to a more hidden location so that they don't appear in the same location as STE does.

  • Automatic Backup of your document every 15 seconds, in case STE crashes unexpectedly (wish)
  • All *.data files are now unique for each user & stored in a new, separate directory (wish)
  • Drag-and-drop any file into the same location as STE, and when you next run the application it will automatically move the file to the new directory. This means it is still easy to install extensions on computers without Internet access. (More information)

STE v3.42 - Download, released on 25 June 2011

This is a bug-fix release. It is recommended that you update to this version as soon as possible.

Bug fixes:

  • Creation of pages stopped working due to an API change (bug report)
  • Auto Complete feature disabled due to lack of usefulness (#AC-HIDDEN), and to fix ENTER key bug (bug report)

STE v3.41 - Download, released on 17 June 2011

New slider for changing font size, and a fix for the export problem introduced during a recent API update. There are also several other minor fixes and enhancements, including a description of changes (not editable for now) when a page is exported.

Major features:

  • Description of changes is now added when a page is saved using the API. STE will attempt to be intelligent and mention what was changed (e.g. when using the rename tool).
  • Currently open filename is displayed at the top of the window (wish)


  • Changed to a slider for the font size, and allow increments of 1 instead of 5 (image)
  • Mac OS X: Space for scrollbars is now reserved on the edge of the text area, making STE more consistent with the Mac OS X look and feel

Bug fixes:

  • The search dialog is no longer resizable
  • New link button can now be toggled on/off (bug report)
  • Removed some console print statements that were added in 3.40 for testing reasons and I forgot to remove them
  • The "Include hidden pages" checkbox is now disabled while a tagging task is running
  • If you attempt to run the tagging task on a non-existent page STE will now throw an error, rather than just creating the page
  • Temporary fix - Exporting no longer faults with message "Unknown error" when parent field is empty. To reset/delete parent from a page, type "-" instead. (bug report)

STE v3.40 - Download, released on 12 May 2011

I've added multi-touch features for Mac OS X users, which many people were getting excited about before release (even though I didn't explicitly say what the feature was)! I've also added an auto-complete feature, available to Windows and Linux users as well (though I've only tested on Windows 7). You also have the ability to change the editor font, tag multiple pages at once (in a separate thread, allowing you to get on with your work at the same time), and much more!

Some other changes include linking the Mac OS X application menu correctly, adding an "Open Recent" option to the file menu, and a new toolbar button for creating three-bracket links (which was chosen because it supports both internal and external URLs). Some toolbar buttons now also have keyboard shortcuts - you can find a list of these in the Edit menu.

Major features:

  • Amazing feature for Mac OS X users: multi-touch gestures!
  • Basic implementation of auto-completion, which will most likely be expanded in future.
  • Mac OS X application menu working for "About STE", "Preferences" and "Quit STE" (including shortcuts)
  • Inconsolata is no longer the default font & you can choose your own font for the editor! Also: change font size.
  • New "Reformat code" option under the Tools menu.
  • New tool for tagging multiple pages at once (wish)
  • The rename and tag tools now launch in a separate thread, allowing you to run multiple tasks simultaneously, and even edit in the main window while those tasks are running!
  • New "Open Recent" option in the File menu. Screenshot
  • Create a link with a keyboard shortcut & accompanying toolbar button (wish)


  • The rename and tag tools have been marked with a "BETA" tag to indicate that they require testing before you use them on a large scale. Anything you want to do with them should be tested on a temporary site first, then please report any bugs you find.
  • For Windows & Linux users, "Preferences" has been renamed back to "Settings" again
  • "Text colour" button moved underneath "Background colour" button (Preferences > Appearance tab)
  • A bit of code optimisation, cleaning up a few things, generally making my life easier ;-)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Bold, Italic, Underline, Raw text (escape parsing) & Teletype toolbar buttons
  • Additional separators for Tools and Extensions menu, to visually distinguish between separate options
  • Visibility controls for toolbar buttons moved to 'Appearance' tab in Prefs/Settings & reordered to match toolbar order
  • Quick tips added to bottom of 'Wikidot API' tab in Prefs/Settings, to help first-time STE users

Bug fixes:

  • Some menu icons did not have a transparent background (bug report)
  • On Mac OS X, command+Q (⌘Q) closes without saving (bug report)
  • Problems when saving as TXT (bug report) - solved by only allowing saving to STE format (planned change that was mentioned a while ago)

STE v3.32 - Download, released on 30 April 2011

I've added a new logo for STE (link to high-resolution image below), have improved version update notifications, and have made a bunch of usability changes that are intended to help you complete your editing faster and easier than ever before!

Mac OS X users now have a separate download to everyone else, which should act more like a native Mac application. However, there is still some work to be done on this.

Major features:

  • All new logo for STE! Download a high-resolution PNG of it here:
  • Improved update notifications, including a button that opens STE website (mac, windows)


  • "Settings" renamed to "Preferences"
  • Settings/Preferences dialog is 50% wider, which looks better in OS X. Will merge General and Appearance tab next release so that it looks great in Windows too.
  • Network tab removed from Settings/Preferences
  • Mac OS X: STE icon in the dock (wish) - temporarily using Jar Bundler
  • Mac OS X: Redo shortcut changed to ⇧⌘Z, Windows and Linux still use Ctrl+Y (wish)
  • If an import failed, the import dialog pops up again automatically after the error message (wish)
  • Added the ability to disable icons in the menu (comment)

Bug fixes:

  • Remember page name after Wikidot changes it during export (bug report)
  • Fixed crash when using Mac OS X dictionary (bug report)

STE v3.31 - Download, released on 29 April 2011

  • Bugfix (MacOS only): Fixed regression introduced in 3.30 - Mac OS X bug: com.wdeditor.ste.STE
  • Feature (MacOS only): Finally got Brushed metal look in Mac OS X working (only visibly affects toolbar, rest is hidden behind main text area)
  • Keyboard shortcut: "Send feedback or bug report" now uses function key F6, to open your default web browser at the feedback tracker page

STE v3.30 - Download, released on 22 March 2011


  • Undo and Redo now have working keyboard shortcuts! Please confirm it works on Mac OS X? Confirmed
  • Extension instruction: "export" - Note: it is assumed that you want to overwrite existing pages.
  • New "Get Key" button on the API tab of settings dialog, opens up Wikidot account settings page
  • Changes to menu layout:
    • NEW! Most menu items now have icons
    • NEW! Additional options added to Help menu (Website, Donate, Extensions, Feedback)
  • Changes to keyboard shortcuts:
    • Settings (Edit menu) now opens with F4, rather than F12
    • Meta data (Edit menu) now opens with F5, rather than F9
    • Validate code (Tools menu) no longer has a shortcut, previously F5
    • Forum (Help menu) no longer has a shortcut, previously F2
    • Check for updates (Help menu) now opens with F11, rather than F8
    • About STE (Help menu) now opens with F12, rather than F11
    • Manage Extensions (Extensions menu) now uses Alt+E, not Alt+F12
  • Changes to toolbar button order, to make import/export buttons easier to find
  • Page meta dialog: cleaned up the layout, removed file-specific fields
  • When attempting to use the 'Rename pages' feature, STE checks that you actually can use it (API key entered in settings)
  • When closing the settings dialog, you will be notified if you haven't entered an API key and private API mode is enabled

Bug fixes:

  • Installing extensions, anonymous previews, and other things broken due to Wikidot's API changes have been fixed.
  • Autoscroll setting ignored when importing from web (Request 110, 201102221)
  • Extra space no longer added when using extensions on an empty document (Request 11, 201103051)
  • Usage statistics were still being sent if you cancelled an import, export or preview action

Other changes:

  • Changelog no longer included with the download, viewable instead at
  • The "About" text has received a layout update, and some new people were added to the "Thank you" list
  • Additional checks put in place to ensure the user is running Java 1.6 or later
  • Timeout for API method calls reduced from 30s to 10s. Wikidot must acknowledge an API method call within 10 seconds or it will fail. If anyone is on a slow connection and frequently gets timeout errors, please let me know on the forums.
  • Internal file structure has been improved, which basically means that it is now easier for me to release updates (Yay!)
  • Removed: STE no longer allows you to set a network proxy server. This feature will be back in a future release, once I have a chance to re-write it.

STE v3.25 - Download, released on 01 February 2011

  • Editor:
    • If you use a private API key, the username you have entered into the settings dialog will be validated upon startup
    • File filters have been renamed slightly (Request 15)
    • Preview uses a slightly modified CSS theme (smaller text for headings, and a different font on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10)
    • Custom themes for preview are now disabled (the option has been removed from the settings dialog) - this is one less call to an external server and therefore speeds up preview loading time slightly
  • Extensions:
    • STE can now display warnings to the user before they launch an extension. Details about this have been added to the documentation.
    • New Manage… menu item added to the Extensions menu, which makes it easier to install and remove extensions (Request 89)
    • The Extensions menu is now always visible, even if there are no extensions installed. This is so that the new menu item is easily accessible
  • Known issues:
    • Same as Version 3.21

STE v3.24 - Download, released on 21 January 2011

  • Editor:
    • Settings: Layout changes for most tabs: General, Appearance, Network, Wikidot API, Toolbar (all except Extensions)
    • Settings: Some tooltips removed from components, more descriptive labels used instead
    • Settings: The "Make your own!" button for icon sets has been removed
    • Settings: The "User name" field on the Wikidot API tab is back again (it was removed in a previous release)
    • Bugfix: A page with no title and/or parent was being saved to .ste format incorrectly (read more)
    • Bugfix: The search dialog now accepts all characters (read more)
    • Bugfix: Attempted fix of keyboard shortcut bug on Mac OS X (read more)
  • Extensions:
    • Comments are now allowed in extension code (read more)
    • Bugfix: Question mark removed from all input prompts except input-boolean (read more)
  • Known issues:
    • Same as Version 3.21

STE v3.23 (New Year edition) - Download, released on 01 January 2011

  • Changes to editor:
    • The Modules menu has been replaced by a new Tools menu. Code validation is now in this new menu, instead of being under Edit.
    • New "Rename pages" menu item, look for it in the Tools menu. Allows you to move/rename any pages on using the API. Options: prepend (delete), change category, append
    • The password for a network proxy can now be entered into a password field in the settings dialog. This aids ease of use, but could be a possible security issue. A warning has been added to the Network tab as well. (#63)
  • Changes to extensions:
    • New instruction: delete. Enter a RegEx in the format delete regex and any part of the currently-open document that matches that regex will be deleted.
    • All input dialogs now assume that the variables are optional - so the user can click "OK" without entering anything
    • The text "Extension wants value for" has been removed from input dialogs (#85)
    • Support for the following instructions was dropped: input-double, input-page, input-url (#83)
      • NOTE: input-int and input-boolean are still available
    • The "input-string" extension instruction has been renamed to just "input" for simplicity.
    • You can now install extensions in developer mode, by posting the code in the main text area and using the new button. Developer mode needs to be enabled first using the STE_EDE app.
  • Known issues:
    • Same as Version 3.21

STE v3.22 - Download, released on 24 December 2010

  • New features:
    • New extension variable: input-string - allows you to ask users to enter a value, which you can then reuse later. #78
    • New extension variable: input-int - same as above, but it returns a valid integer
    • New extension variable: input-double - same as input-int, but it allows a decimal place in the number and can be negative
    • New extension variable: input-boolean - same as above, returns either "true" or "false"
    • New extension variable: input-page - same as above, returns a valid Wikidot page fullname
    • New extension variable: input-url - same as above, returns either an absolute or relative URL (supported: http, https, ftp)
  • Other changes:
    • Changed how the License is displayed in the 'About STE' dialog. It is now much easier to read.
    • Added error message: If you install an extension, a future STE update removes support for an instruction that the extension uses, and then you attempt to run that extension… (effectively bypassing the checks done during installation)… a message will be displayed prompting you to update STE and re-install extensions.
  • Known issues:
    • Same as Version 3.21

STE v3.21 - Download, released on 22 December 2010

  • New features:
    • Tell STE exactly what colours it should use for the theme - instead of choosing from a pre-set list. #81
  • Bug fixes:
    • Some toolbar options not visible on Ubuntu 10.10, fixed by adding a scrollbar (#79)
    • The "Page meta" and "Export" dialogs threw an error when trying to get meta data for a page with tags (#67)
    • Fixed: Saving as a text file worked for the filename only, the underlying format was still an STE document. (#20101222a, #69)
  • Other changes:
    • Added calendar events
    • Removed the "Plain text format" message when opening a text file, as it was redundant (#20101222b)
  • Known issues:
    • When changing the theme colour, it will save even if you press "Cancel" on the settings dialog.

STE v3.20 - Download, released on 20 December 2010

  • New features:
    • Powerful new EXTENSIONS are available for STE! Accessible via menu item and keyboard shortcut, after installing them using the settings dialog.
    • Usage statistics are recorded (only for startup, import/export, preview). Can be disabled using settings dialog.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Tooltip for "Check for updates at startup" was missing a space between two of the words.
    • Automatic check for updates code was put in the wrong place, leading to it being done every time the theme was changed.
  • Other changes:
    • If a document is validated and no problems are found, confirmation now appears in a popup instead of on the status bar
    • The Extension Gallery has been launched on the official website, allowing you to create your own extensions!
    • More secure: Restricted the access level of some GUI components and methods

STE v3.10 - Download, released on 30 October 2010

  • New features:
    • STE automatically checks for updates at startup! Disable this behaviour from the settings dialog. CR
    • Wikidot Syntax Validator in the Edit menu! (Accelerator key: F5) CR
    • Preview feature overhauled. You can specify the exact page that the preview feature uses on your site. CR
    • Import, Export and Preview in the menu (Accelerators Ctrl+Shift+O, Ctrl+Shift+S, Ctrl+Shift+P; respectively) CR
    • Added basic validation of site and page name to Page Meta, Import and Export dialogs (#20101027b) CR
    • All pages created for preview purposes now use tag '_ste-preview' (for use with ListPages)
    • "New File" menu item (Ctrl+N) - duplicate of "Close File" CR
    • Tooltips for all components in the settings dialog
  • Bug fixes:
    • Promised 3.00 feature not working: "STE" in Mac menu bar CR
    • "Page auto-renamed" message fixed (#20101027a) CR
    • "Open in browser after export" now works with auto-numbered categories (#20101027a) CR
  • Other changes:
    • Tried and failed to get font selection working - but left combo box in settings dialog for use in a future version CR
    • Using STEBot, preview page name max range changed from 100 to 1000
    • License is now included in the About dialog CR

Due to the changes to the way the preview feature works, this was temporarily broken for all users that have a private API key.

All you need to do to get the feature working again is to open the settings dialog, and choose a custom page name. The site name should be remembered if you entered it in a previous version of STE.

STE v3.00 - Download, released on 19 October 2010

  • New features:
    • Changed structure of STE file format to use XML
    • New option Deselect (Ctrl+E) in Edit menu
    • The Page Meta Data (aka. Statistics) dialog has been completely re-written
    • Re-wrote all API operations to use APIv2 methods
    • After exporting a page, STE will tell you if the page was auto-renamed by Wikidot.
    • A new Search feature (Ctrl+F) that allows you to search the document!
    • GUI improvements for Mac OS X owners:
      • Takes advantage of the Mac menu bar to provide a more natural experience
      • A more suitable application name is shown in the Mac toolbar ("STE" instead of "Text Editor")
      • Grow Box added to the bottom-right corner, for resizing the window
      • And STE now uses the 'Brushed Metal' look and feel that you may be used to seeing in various iApps, such as iTunes and iChat!
  • Layout changes:
    • Rearranged position of components in Network and Wikidot API tabs in Settings dialog
    • Added labels for text fields in settings dialog
    • Tools menu removed
      • Settings moved to Edit menu
      • Statistics moved to Edit menu, renamed to Page Meta Data
      • Line wrap and Clear status bar menu items removed completely
  • Keyboard shortcuts:
    • New keyboard shortcut F6 for Page Meta Data dialog
    • New keyboard shortcut Alt+F4 to exit the program
    • New keyboard shortcut F10 to select the File menu
  • Bug fixes:
    • Overwriting existing pages using API was slow due to redundancy. Optimised code, and now this is now up to 5x faster!
    • Fixed regression where automatic adding of file extensions stopped working
    • Import dialog now correctly detects and displays the site / page meta data
  • Minor changes:
    • Added tsangk to the "About STE" dialog, for his suggestion to use an XML file format
    • Settings dialog button text changed from "OK" to "Apply"
    • Removed the 'username' field from the Wikidot API tab. Only API key is required now

STE v2.01 - Download, released on 10 July 2010

  • Added: default icon for the "BMC WebDesign" icon set
  • Added: Popup error support to 'About STE' and 'Export' dialogs
  • Added: New 'Get page meta data' button in Export dialog, making the feature better suited for editing existing pages.
  • Changed: Made the code wizard dialog a little bit bigger (10px higher, 30px wider), and Import dialog is now a bit taller.
  • Changed: Updated a few internal libraries for future use (no visible change to users, other than increased file size)

STE v2.00 - Download, released on 09 July 2010

  • Added: New buttons in the toolbar: Quote and DeQuote.
  • Added: STE now uses the Inconsolata font by Raph Levien (more info in 'Help > About').
  • Added: Partial implementation of - if you provide a filename using the console or as part of a shortcut's path, STE will load that file when it starts.
  • Added: Preview button on the toolbar. Does not require an API key.
  • Added: Import and Export buttons on the toolbar. API key is required.
  • Added: Keyboard shortcuts to the following menu items: Open, Save, Print, Close, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Select All, Settings, Documentation, Support Forum, Check for updates, About.
  • Added: Several important error messages now appear as a popup instead of being hidden in the status bar. If you find that I have missed an important error message or STE does not explain why it failed to do something, please report a new bug.
  • Added: Custom icon sets and better redundancy for when a button's icon can't be found.
  • Change: Completely rewrote the check for editor updates. It is now 50 lines instead of 120, and is super fast! Unfortunately the change means that the update checker installed in the previous release (1.21) is now broken. Press F8 or use the Help menu to access it.
  • Change: Tab size changed from 8 to 4
  • Change: Made a few layout tweaks to the code wizard dialog
  • Change: The settings dialog now has all components divided into tabs. Press Alt+# to jump to a specific tab.
  • Change: Speed improvements: Removed some redundant code, improved theme loading time, improved settings dialog loading time. Reorganised the code used to create menu items and toolbar buttons.
  • Bugfix: STE was sending messages to the status bar, before the status bar had been created! Fixed by making sure status bar is created first.
  • Bugfix: Caret now uses the foreground colour of themes, because it was invisible in themes with a black background.
  • Bugfix: Attempted to fix a bug in Mac OS X where toolbar buttons were always shown with a border. The border should now only appear when the mouse hovers over the button. Need someone with a Mac to test that this works. Please post screenshots. (Bugfix 201006231)

STE v1.21 - Download, released on 16 June 2010

  • Added: When launching STE, the window will now automatically re-size to whatever dimensions you left it at when you closed it. (It is still auto-centred in the middle of your monitor as it has always been.)
  • Added: New 'Request a theme' button in the Settings dialog.
  • Added: New 'Autoscroll enabled' checkbox in the Settings, which determines whether your view of an opened file shows the start or the end of the document. Defaults to enabled, which shows you the end.
  • Added: If you save a file without an extension, one will be automatically added for you (and it will tell you that one was added in the status bar).
  • Added: New option in Help menu to check for updates to STE
  • Added: Backend framework for HTTP proxy authentication (BETA!!) - if you use proxy auth please test this feature for me by attempting to check for updates to STE.
  • Changed: Several improvements to the About dialog - it now displays your operating system's architecture, and a scrollbar has been added to the text area.
  • Bugfix: Layout problems with the Settings dialog have been fixed
  • Bugfix: Table of Contents & Horizontal rule buttons not being detected as 'disabled' when editor opened (Bugfix 20100609.1)

STE v1.20 - Download, released on 07 June 2010

  • Added: New behind-the-scenes way of managing user preferences:
    • Saved for each individual user account on a computer
    • Preferences are remembered between sessions
  • Added: New settings dialog under "Tools" menu
    • Existing line wrap checkbox added to the settings dialog
    • You can disable all syntax-related toolbar buttons if you want!
  • Added: New "Code Wizard" toolbar button!
  • Added: You can select from nine (9) different themes to use (Default, Beach, Console, Console Green, Console Amber, Inverse Amber, Pale Blue, Sales Pitch, and Snowy Blue)
  • Changed: The JAR file now has the name "STE.jar" instead of "TextEditor.jar"
  • Changed: "Structure" menu renamed to "Modules"
  • Changed: "Unsaved Changes" dialog is now much more stable and uses more logical button names

STE v1.14 - Download, released on 05 June 2010

  • Added: File chooser now allows you to filter STE and Text files
  • Changed: The changes document now has the extension ".ste" instead of ".txt"
  • Bug fixes (Bug fix 20100605)
    • Bugfix: When closing a file the status bar said that it was closed "without saving", even if you did save first.
    • Bugfix: When you create a new document and save it, the program didn't remember the filepath and kept showing the "Save As" dialog to ask for a new one.
    • Bugfix: Filesize was still only working if you opened a file. Now it works for new documents as well.

STE v1.13 - Download, released on 04 June 2010

  • Numerous bug fixes (Bug fix 20100604)
  • Bugfix: Since v1.12, choosing "Save" worked like "Save As"
  • Bugfix: Since v1.12, the statistics dialog didn't detect the filename or filesize
  • Bugfix: Remember-to-save dialog: Files were always marked as 'unsaved' even after saving
  • Bugfix: Remember-to-save dialog: Closing an edited file incorrectly made a newly opened file 'unsaved'
  • Bugfix: Remember-to-save dialog: Opening a file did not ask you to save the current file first

STE v1.12 - Download, released on 03 June 2010

  • Added: Basic printing support (File menu & toolbar button)
  • Added: New Undo/Redo feature in the Edit menu
  • Added: "Continue without saving?" prompt when you exit without saving
  • Added: Statistics now counts number of characters as well
  • Added: 5 new formatting buttons - heading levels 1-5
  • Changed: New logo in the "About STE" dialog box
  • Known bugs:
    • Sometimes when exiting it will think you haven't saved the document, even if you have

STE v1.11 - Download, released on 02 June 2010

  • Changed: Release date in "About STE" box now uses the international standard for formatting dates
  • Changed: Cleaned internal code (naming conventions are now more consistent, but there is still work to do)
  • Changed: Most toolbar buttons now use the same ActionAdapter class, but they pass in different arguments. This change removes a lot of redundancy (120 lines of code for B/I/U/S buttons is now 33 lines of code instead, and also supports the 5 new buttons as well!)
  • Changed: Icon size is now 22x22 instead of 24x24
  • Added: Familiar wikidot editor icons from for all existing toolbar buttons (permission received from Michal Frackowiak)
  • Added: Custom-made icons for STE open/save toolbar buttons
  • Added: New toolbar buttons; Code block, TOC, Horizontal rule, Escape text, and Teletype text.
  • Added: New edit menu, containing cut/copy/paste/delete/selectall options
  • Added: Separators now divide some menu items and toolbar buttons up into groups. Please let me know if the location of these separators doesn't feel "natural" or if you think a separator is missing in a place it should be.
  • Bugfix: The text-fallback for when icons can't be found now checks each button individually, instead of all toolbar buttons as a group. If one image can't be found, only that single button will be affected.

STE v1.10 - Download, released on 27 May 2010

  • Added: CSS module, ListUsers module menu options under the new "Structure" menu (adds default code if you don't select anything first)
  • Added: Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough buttons (adds default text if you don't select anything first)
  • Added: About dialog now includes information about current OS
  • Changed: About dialog now lets the user select text with mouse
  • Bugfix: About dialog not showing last line (copyright information)
  • I attempted to add an 'autosave on exit' feature, but decided to leave that until next version due to it's complexity

STE v1.06 - Download, released on 18 May 2010

STE v1.05 - Download, released on 29 April 2010

  • Added: Option to clear the status bar (Tools menu)
  • Added: Filesize to Statistics information (Tools menu)
  • Added: Some backend code for wikidot syntax support (no visual difference)

STE v1.04 - Download, released on 28 April 2010

  • Added: Links to the website (Documentation + Forums)
  • Changed: The "help" toolbar button now links to the online documentation
  • Changed: Hover tooltip text for "open" and "save" toolbar buttons now match their File menu counterparts

STE v1.03 - Download, released on 27 April 2010

  • Change: Line Wrap menu item now has a check mark next to it
  • Removed: Line Wrap toolbar button
  • Bugfix: Line Wrap was not being properly recognised when the application first started - barely noticible to the user

STE v1.02 - Download, released on 25 April 2010

  • Change: Line Wrap is now enabled by default
  • Change: Website updated in "About" dialog box
  • Added: New "Toggle Line Wrap" option under the Tools menu
  • Added: Notification in status bar when word wrap is turned on/off

STE v1.01 - Download, released on 21 April 2010

  • Added: Line Wrap feature with its own toolbar button
  • Added: Started using a changelog, which is updated using STE! :)
  • Change: Changed the way that versioning worked, to remove redundancy

STE v1.00 - Never released

  • Feature: Open/Save text files with any extension
  • Feature: Statistics information including line count
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