Saving as TXT warning problems

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Created by Franknarf 17 Mar 2011 22:06

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I've seen the first one, but forgot to post/report it. So thanks for reminding me, certainly needs to be fixed.

#2 I can't reproduce until I get home, but it sounds like something that will be fixed if I remove the ability to save as TXT. I mentioned my plans to do this here, but I'm also considering a completely new file type: WDP.

The code I've written for handling all of the different file types, and showing warnings when you try to save in a way that will lose meta data (e.g. saving as TXT) … is very messy :) I wouldn't be surprised if there were tons of bugs in there. So by completely deleting it and re-writing the open/save code from scratch, I'm thinking that I'll solve a lot of bugs - even some that haven't been discovered yet. I can also take the opportunity to add in some much-needed redundancy to prevent files from being corrupted (though it's a very small chance of that happening, I'd prefer to protect against it anyway).

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