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Created by RobElliott 02 Aug 2011 09:50

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When using STE I am usually only working on a single site. It's therefore a wee bit annoying to keep having to type the site into the site (unixname) box each time a page needs importing, particularly when it's quite a long name It would be handy if the dialog could remember the previous site opened in that session and pre-populate the box.


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So if you open the import dialog, it should pre-fill the site field with the same site as the currently-open page. I think that would give the same result you're looking for.

The main difference is that if you were to close the current page (Ctrl+N or ESC) before trying to import another one, then it wouldn't be pre-filled.

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Arotaritei Vlad

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Nice idea +1

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This one was marked as Accepted, but I just removed that tag.

When 4.00 is finished, wishes like this won't be needed (an import dialog won't even exist in v4). So there might be a bit of cleaning up to do.

Edit: Actually, I can rename this to apply to the site selector instead. When you start up STE, it should automatically expect you to want the same site you were using during the previous session, and pre-fill the value.

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