Network proxy password should be masked/hidden

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Created by leiger 26 Oct 2010 01:01

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that couldn't be too hard to fix, could it. i've used a program building program (yes, i know it sounds funny) and there's an option for that. you probably new all this stuff anyway. ;P

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Yes, I believe there's a component for this already. What I need to do though is to move the password into the settings dialog along with the host, port and username (the "Network" tab).

At the moment it pops up separately and asks you for the password every time instead of storing it, because I felt that was the safest way of doing it. However, if people make sure they're not storing their password on a public computer it should be fine.

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Note to self: I will have to add a toggle in the settings dialog as well for this: Public or Private computer (Forget/Remember password between sessions).

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