A "One to Many" Export Function

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Created by Ed Johnson 16 Jan 2011 05:19

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16 Jan 2011 11:50. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
Hmm…. but wouldn't it be better to use a CSI1 for this purpose? They are designed to solve the exact same problem you're having…

I agree that it would be a useful feature, but because of CSIs I'm thinking it should be put at the very bottom of the todo list.

P.S. You forgot to rate it up! :)

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18 Jan 2011 10:20. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
Okay, I was thinking about this last night…

When I implement the ability to export pages using extensions, you can do this anyway. So I won't bother with a dedicated feature for this just yet - unless you can think of a reason that it might be needed.

For example, you could eventually do this in an extension: (the actual syntax is likely to change significantly, so this is only an example)

input page to export to
export site:site1 page:{$page to export to}
export site:site2 page:{$page to export to}
export site:site3 page:{$page to export to}
export site:site4 page:{$page to export to}
export site:site5 page:{$page to export to}
export site:site6 page:{$page to export to}

Obviously, something as specific as this would be best done as a private / developer extension - but it will eventually be possible.

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17 Mar 2011 05:01. Edited 2 times. (Edit, Permalink)
I've added an export feature (for extensions) to my copy of STE … just need to get some testing done. Then I'll probably release this version if all goes well.

Edit: Added a few fixes and the option to load the page in your browser (just as if you had exported manually without using an extension) … but I'm going to add a few other "instructions" before I release it as currently you can only export source code this way… I need to give developers an option to export a title, parent page and tags as well before I am satisfied that it's actually worth using.

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