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Exporting a page to the web requires the following:

  1. Proper configuration of your API key.
  2. Proper permissions from the site and page you want to export (save).
  3. A working Internet connection.

For this example, we will use STE to create the "doc:import" page on the STE web site.

After creating the content, click the "Export (Save to Web)" toolbar button.

Enter the site name and page name and click the "Get page meta data" button.

Since the page does not exist, STE throws us an error message telling us that.

Fill in the page title, tags and parent page information as needed and click the "Export page" button.

If we entered everything correctly, we get a message that the page exported successfully.

If we refresh the main support documentation page, we see that the "Import (Open from Web) page is now listed in the documentation index.

If we selected the "Open in browser after export?" option before saving, the page we created open in our default browser.

Now we just have to upload the images and fix any typos (like the link to the API key documentation). ;)

Refresh the page to see the result.

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