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This is deprecated. Please read here for more information: http://www.wdeditor.com/thread:86

How to make your own icon set

This document is intended as a guide for icon set creators. It explains the structure of an icon set, and how you can distribute your work to other STE users.

You will need

  • Any image editor
  • Program to create .zip files (most operating systems have this built in)

Zip file contents

To make your own icon set and get it added to STE, you should make a separate thread in the Editor Customisation forum and upload to that thread a zip file containing the following:

  • LICENSE.txt - containing license information for your icon set
  • A set of 22x22 images to represent each editor button, all using the same file format.

Icon format

As mentioned above, your buttons need to be 22x22 in size. They should also all be either gif, png or jpg - but don't mix them up by including some images as one format and other images as a different format (otherwise your icon set will not work correctly).

This is a list of images that you need. In the case of "b - Bold", that represents a file named b.png (if you are using png files for your icon images).

  • b - Bold
  • i - Italic
  • u - Underline
  • s - Strike through
  • hr - Horizontal rule
  • code - Code block
  • code-wizard - Code wizard
  • quote - Add level of quote nesting
  • dequote - Remove level of quote nesting
  • escape-text - Escape wiki parsing
  • tt - Teletype
  • toc - Table of contents
  • h1 - Heading level 1
  • h2 - Heading level 2
  • h3 - Heading level 3
  • h4 - Heading level 4
  • h5 - Heading level 5
  • h6 - Heading level 6
  • open - Open file
  • openweb - Import
  • preview - Preview in HTML
  • print - Print
  • save - Save file (there is no button for Save As)
  • saveweb - Export
  • default - Used for new toolbar buttons that your icon set doesn't have an icon for yet


The way the icon sets have been set up is incredibly redundant, to avoid any errors from appearing on your screen if something goes wrong.

  • Searches for filename and adds the image as the button's icon
    • If the previous step fails (e.g. file not found) then the 'default' icon is used instead
      • If the previous step fails (e.g. 'default' file not found) then the button shows text instead


Currently icon sets are hard-coded into the program so it relies on me downloading your zip file from the discussion thread you've created and adding it to the source code.

In the future this will change and users will be able to add icon sets. When that happens, the discussion thread you've created will be used as the main discussion point and is a place for you to release updates.

Post your custom icon sets here if you want them in the next version of STE

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