Configuring the Wikidot API Settings

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To access the Wikidot API setting in STE:

  1. Hit the F12 key or choose Tools > Settings… from the menu.
  2. Click the Wikidot API tab in the settings dialog box.

The default settings (pictured above) will allow you to preview your pages without any other configuration. However, the real power of STE is in the ability to import, edit and export pages directly from the editor. In order to use these features, you must have your own API key. See the official Wikidot Developer Site for details on acquiring your API key if you don't have one.

Check the Use my Wikidot account checkbox to use and configure your personal API key.


Default Settings


To access your Wikidot sites you will need to prove your identity. You do this by giving STE your personal API key. You can find this key on your account setting page under My Account > Account settings > API access.


Copy the key from your account settings and paste it into the STE input box like so:


API keys masked to protect the innocent

Document preview

The two input boxes in this section require, in order, the following:

  1. The unix name of a site that you are member of. This can be taken from the URL of the site. For example, in, my-site is the unix name of the site.
  2. The name of a category in that site to be used to hold the preview pages. For example, ste-preview. If the category does not exist, it will be created after you preview your first page.

Default preview settings


Example using your own site and category

Note: If you are using your Wikidot API key, you must change the preview settings to one of your own sites or the preview feature will stop working.

Preview CSS theme

This section holds the CSS that you want to use in the preview window. This is an external URL pointing to the CSS file. Due to some limitations in how compatible the CSS is, the default setting should be fine for most users.

Preview Example


Preview in Browser Example


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Hey Ed,

Would you like to update this page, or shall I?

Also, do you think it's worth keeping the old instructions in a separate tab or collapsible-block, or just assume that everyone has the latest version?

Edit: I'll take a few screenshots of the new settings dialog and upload them to this page.

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Ed Johnson

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Thanks for updating this. Sorry, I haven't had a chance to look at the new version yet. I hope to give it some quality time this weekend.

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