STE is now available to download. Please report any issues in the tracker. Also available is a list of changes for each release.

You are downloading an application that you can run on your computer. It does not affect your existing Wikidot experience in any way - you can continue editing your sites using a web browser if you like. STE simply provides an alternative way of modifying pages that is quicker, easier and more efficient!

All versions of the program are 100% spyware and malware free.

Version Status Release date Windows XP/7/8 Mac OS X 10+ Linux (generic)
STE 4 Launcher Stable July 2013 Launcher 1.02 (4.27 MB) Launcher 1.02 (4.30 MB) See comment below
STE 4 Launcher Stable September 2012 Launcher 1.01 (4.23 MB) Launcher 1.01 (4.27 MB) See comment below
By downloading STE you are agreeing to the license, and accept full responsibility if you breach the terms of the license.

System Requirements: STE requires at least 512 MB RAM be available, but at least 2 GB RAM is highly recommended.

Linux users: STE 4.00 is not currently supported for your operating system. Although this may change in the future, use STE v3.50 for now.

How to install

Windows Mac OS X


If you are having problems running the application, check that you have the Java Runtime Environment installed.

For additional troubleshooting advice, you can either check the wiki or ask on the forums.

Google Chrome users: You may need to select "Keep" in order to download the launcher successfully (see below).

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