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Created by leiger 07 Feb 2011 09:15

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Wikidot's backup feature is limited. For one, it doesn't preserve important information such as parent-child links, page titles and tags. This suggestion is for a backup feature to be implemented that records everything that can be recorded using the API.

Therefore, the following will not be included:

  • Previous revisions of pages (history)

The following will be included:

  • Page meta data (parent, title, tags, created_by, updated_by, created_at, updated_at, etc.)
  • Forum posts and associated info (post ID, created_by, created_at, and the actual post contents)
  • Everything else that you get from Wikidot's official backups

This could be implemented in STE, or in a separate specialised application that provides an "open in STE" option when you select a page.

Things that you could then do with this downloaded backup of a site:

  • Manually update at any time, meaning the backup will re-download any pages that have been created or edited since the last backup (therefore initial backup may take a while, but future 'backup updates' are much faster)
  • Search a whole site's pages for a specific word (searching for phrases can be added later)
  • Backups will be stored in an app-specific format, so an export feature would be useful, which would create a new folder and add each page as a .txt document (or a .ste document which also saves meta data: parent, tags, title, etc)

Much more could also be done with this… any suggestions?

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This is a good start. It's too bad that Wikidot is keeping such a death grip on the created_by and created_at information. If they allowed the API to update those bits of information, it would be possible to do a complete site restore, including original author, date and time stamps. I understand their reasons and in principle agree with them. But, there are a number of legitimate things that could be done if we could manipulate those items.

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I understand their reasons and in principle agree with them.


Another thing that is possible here - searching a site (or collection of sites) for a specific file. Something that isn't possible with Wikidot just yet.

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Moved to 4.xx feedback list

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interesting here is the wish of an "Upload" (restore) of multiple pages .. I would need for a big cloning of a site.
( remember the old wish of cloning > 100 pages : )

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