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Created by oneyearmuse 18 Sep 2011 18:36

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Sometimes I want to create multiple pages on a site, sort of quick pre-population if you like. Would be useful if I could upload multiple text files as individual pages via some sort of batch script or multiple export.


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I plan to implement something like this in STE version 4, so you can expect about a month at most until it is available.

Will mark as accepted :)

And thanks for using STE!

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Moved to 4.xx feedback list

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This is definitive an important part for "cloning big sites".

I have the problem that a "template site" ( is growing and growing (and not yet finished) .. - far away over the limit of the 100 pages we can "clone" in one go.

But with such a batch upload a prepared template (batch file or backup-directory or ) a restore into a new site would be possible.

As a minimum to work would only be neccessary a pro account - and the API key - than.

PS: remembers me that we are missing on Wikidot a "restore" of a full backup :))
PPS: ( remember the old wish of cloning > 100 pages : )

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