Automatic update installation

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Created by leiger 01 Mar 2011 23:20

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This is an improvement over the already-implemented wish here: Automatically check for updates

Currently, the application informs you that a new update is available (if you have automatic updating enabled), and provides you with a link to download and upgrade the program yourself.

For this wish, I'd like to suggest a few improvements over how this works:

1] Change the update notification dialog from an "OK" button to:

  • "Install now" — see below for more information
  • "Remind me later" — pops up the notification dialog next time you run STE (assuming that automatic updates are enabled)

2] The "Install now" option should automatically do the following:

  1. Download the application
  2. Replace the current STE.jar file with the new STE.jar file
  3. Re-open any documents that you had open when the update began (so that also takes care of the case where you manually check for updates instead of having it done automatically at startup)

3] Change the "download" page on this website to indicate that the files on that page only need to be downloaded once, and once only. Instruct users on how they can automatically update STE using the application itself… and the method described above.


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Implemented in v4.00

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