License and other legal information

The editor

STE and all of it's executable files and source code is Copyright © 2010-2012 Shane Smith. All Rights Reserved.

You may not breach the terms of this license - and the license may not be altered - without the express written consent of the copyright owner, Shane Smith.

Editor resources

Some resources in STE use a different license and therefore you are free to use them if that license is compatible with your project's license.

Icon sets

All icon sets included in STE are governed by their own license. That license is viewable in the LICENSE.txt file that is in the same directory as the icon set. Icon sets are made available to you (by the icon set creator) in this forum.

Inconsolata font

The Inconsolata font included in STE v2.00 (and above) is governed by it's own license. License information is available in the About dialog of STE. You can download the font here.

Apache XML-RPC libraries

The Apache XML-RPC libraries are governed by their own license. They are used to connect STE to the Wikidot XML-RPC API. You can download these libraries here.

Wikidot API library

The Wikidot API library used in STE is written in Java. At the current point in time the library is still in development. It can be found here:

The STE logo

The official STE logo is licensed under the GPL. You can download the high-resolution PNG file.

CSS Theme, Images and Code on this website are © Shane Smith 2010-2012. All forum posts by users and documentation licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 License.