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30 Oct 2010 08:50. Edited 5 times. (Edit, Permalink)

I have just uploaded the latest version to the download page.

Download STE v3.10

Additionally, I have modified the survey so that the same computer can respond multiple times, and have added a question for you to tell me what version of STE you are using. Please fill out the survey again after using this version and let me know if anything has changed (for better or for worse).

The survey isn't a substitute for the forum and issue tracker though - so please continue posting there so that problems and suggestions can be discussed.

Survey - please fill this out!

Here is the list of changes for this release:

Version 3.10 (30 October 2010)

New features:

  • STE automatically checks for updates at startup! Disable this behaviour from the settings dialog. CR
  • Wikidot Syntax Validator in the Edit menu! (Accelerator key: F5) CR
  • Preview feature overhauled. You can specify the exact page that the preview feature uses on your site. CR
  • Import, Export and Preview in the menu (Accelerators Ctrl+Shift+O, Ctrl+Shift+S, Ctrl+Shift+P; respectively) CR
  • Added basic validation of site and page name to Page Meta, Import and Export dialogs (#20101027b) CR
  • All pages created for preview purposes now use tag '_ste-preview' (for use with ListPages)
  • "New File" menu item (Ctrl+N) - duplicate of "Close File" CR
  • Tooltips for all components in the settings dialog

Bug fixes:

  • Promised 3.00 feature not working: "STE" in Mac menu bar CR
  • "Page auto-renamed" message fixed (#20101027a) CR
  • "Open in browser after export" now works with auto-numbered categories (#20101027a) CR

Other changes:

  • Tried and failed to get font selection working - but left combo box in settings dialog for use in a future version CR
  • Using STEBot, preview page name max range changed from 100 to 1000
  • License is now included in the About dialog CR

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