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01 Jan 2011 06:03. Edited 1 times. (Edit, Permalink)

Happy New Year!

Today I'm releasing the next version of STE, version 3.23.

Version 3.23 (01 January 2011) [ New Year edition ]

Changes to editor:

  • The Modules menu has been replaced by a new Tools menu. Code validation is now in this new menu, instead of being under Edit.
  • New "Rename pages" menu item, look for it in the Tools menu. Allows you to move/rename any pages on using the API. Options: prepend (delete), change category, append
  • The password for a network proxy can now be entered into a password field in the settings dialog. This aids ease of use, but could be a possible security issue. A warning has been added to the Network tab as well. (#63)

Changes to extensions:

  • New instruction: delete. Enter a RegEx in the format 'delete regex' and any part of the currently-open document that matches that regex will be deleted.
  • All input dialogs now assume that the variables are optional - so the user can click "OK" without entering anything
  • The text "Extension wants value for" has been removed from input dialogs (#85)
  • Support for the following instructions was dropped: input-double, input-page, input-url (#83)
    • NOTE: input-int and input-boolean are still available
  • The "input-string" extension instruction has been renamed to just "input" for simplicity.
  • You can now install extensions in developer mode, by posting the code in the main text area and using the new button. Developer mode needs to be enabled first using the STE_EDE app.

Known issues:

  • Same as Version 3.21

To take advantage of developer mode for extensions, you need to enable it first. Look for the "Development tools" heading on the download page.

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01 Jan 2011 06:09. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
Happy new year

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Ed Johnson

01 Jan 2011 21:42. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
Sounds great. I'm going to try to work with the developer version tonight. I got called into work and a 1 hour issue turned into tying me up most of the day. I hate it when my plans to play with STE get screwed up!

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Ed Johnson

01 Jan 2011 23:35. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
I just spent some time with the new version in developer mode. The local install of extensions works great! Thanks for adding that option even though only you and I voted for it. ;)

I'm having some problems with the new delete instruction. I tried to use the email regex example from this page as a means of testing a more "complex" expression and it's not working for me. I may be doing something wrong with the syntax, so thought I'd post here before posting a bug report.

Here's my test code (based on the css module extension):

CREATOR leiger
input Enter a valid email address
input Enter an invalid email address
input-boolean Render as a CSS code block on the page
input-boolean Disable the module - CSS will not be applied to page
append [[module CSS show="{$Render as a CSS code block on the page}" disable="{$Disable the module - CSS will not be applied to page}"]]
append @import url("");
append /* Define your custom CSS here */
append [[/module]]
append ----
append Valid email: {$Enter a valid email address}
append Invalid email: {$Enter an invalid email address}
delete  show=""
delete  disable=""
delete /^[A-Z0-9._%+-][email protected][A-Z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z]{2,4}$/

delete show="" and delete disable="" work perfectly, but not my regex.

One other minor issue… A question mark in appended to all variable input prompts. That makes sense for for input-boolean, but not for other variable types.

Overall, I really like the improvements. Nice work (again!)

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02 Jan 2011 00:00. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
Great job again Shane! The developer install function works flawlessly, and will definitely come in handy. As will the new rename pages feature. I'm finding myself using STE more and more each day :)

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Ed Johnson

02 Jan 2011 00:13. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
I spent some time updating the extensions Llist of valid instructions and variables page. It could use some TLC from others who are using the new instructions and variables. I left some comments in the source. I'm also thinking it could use a mini-makeover that includes converting the layout to a table since the instructions and variables are expanding.

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02 Jan 2011 01:31. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
Thanks for the feedback!

@Ed Johnson: You are using the regex /^[A-Z0-9._%+-][email protected][A-Z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z]{2,4}$/ … as far as I am aware the /^ and $/ are not required… but I just tried it and it's not even working when I remove those. I'll admit, I didn't actually do any testing using a regex value and just assumed it would work… seems I assumed wrong :) Will have to look into it further.

Thanks for updating the documentation as well! Will have a look at it now and see if I can add any more info to the page.

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