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21 Jan 2011 12:56. Edited 1 times. (Edit, Permalink)

I planned to implement a few more features into this release, but as I will not be working on it for the next week I've decided to release it early.

The warning I gave you earlier about backing-up your list of extensions does not apply to this release, because the feature I was referring to has been removed from this release until I have time to finish it off and test it. It's likely that you will need to back up extensions for the next release instead.

Quick changelog:

Full changelog:

Version 3.24 (21 January 2011)


  • Settings: Layout changes for most tabs: General, Appearance, Network, Wikidot API, Toolbar (all except Extensions)
  • Settings: Some tooltips removed from components, more descriptive labels used instead
  • Settings: The "Make your own!" button for icon sets has been removed
  • Settings: The "User name" field on the Wikidot API tab is back again (it was removed in a previous release)
  • Bugfix: A page with no title and/or parent was being saved to .ste format incorrectly (read more)
  • Bugfix: The search dialog now accepts all characters (read more)
  • Bugfix: Attempted fix of keyboard shortcut bug on Mac OS X (read more)


  • Comments are now allowed in extension code (read more)
  • Bugfix: Question mark removed from all input prompts except input-boolean (read more)

Known issues:

  • Same as Version 3.21

Included page "inc:signature" does not exist (create it now)

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