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01 Feb 2011 05:27. Edited 2 times. (Edit, Permalink)

A new version of STE has been released, and it has some new useful features.

Please read the list of changes below to find out more.

Note: Record the IDs of extensions you have installed, before starting v3.25. You will need to re-install them.


  • If you use a private API key, the username you have entered into the settings dialog will be validated upon startup
  • File filters have been renamed slightly (Request 15)
  • Preview uses a slightly modified CSS theme (smaller text for headings, and a different font on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10)
  • Custom themes for preview are now disabled (the option has been removed from the settings dialog) - this is one less call to an external server and therefore speeds up preview loading time slightly


  • STE can now display warnings to the user before they launch an extension. Details about this have been added to the documentation.
  • New Manage… menu item added to the Extensions menu, which makes it easier to install and remove extensions (Request 89)
  • The Extensions menu is now always visible, even if there are no extensions installed. This is so that the new menu item is easily accessible

Known issues:

  • Same as Version 3.21

Here's an example of two extensions being launched using v3.25:

  • MP3 Player is an extension without any warnings. Only difference from 3.24 is the dialog type (changed from question dialog to an information dialog)
  • ListPages module is an extension with 2 warnings being displayed. This one uses a warning dialog (and therefore displays an appropriate graphic decided on by the OS).

List of warning rules (any changes to this will be added to the documentation):

  • Using 'append' more than 30 times will display a warning
  • Using 'input', 'input-int' or 'input-boolean' more than 10 times will display a warning
  • Using 'delete' at least once will display a warning
  • Comments don't display warnings, regardless of how often you use them! :)

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Ed Johnson

01 Feb 2011 09:01. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
Good stuff, Shane. Looking forward to checking out the new version!

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02 Feb 2011 00:10. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
Thanks :)

I'm open to modifying the warning limits if you feel that they are too strict / too relaxed.

Before releasing this I had a quick attempt at An option to disable the popup window when launching an extension, but it was a bit too bug-ridden for my liking so I've shelved it for a future release instead.

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