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+++++ STE is FREE

STE is FREE for everyone to use - there are no trial versions or feature limitations at all. You all get the fully-featured application and are able to use it to manage your Wikidot site just that much easier!

STE costs me TIME and MONEY

Unfortunately, it isn't always free for me to work on STE! :) I willingly spend a lot of my free time working on this, and that is the main thing it costs me - time. Every now and then it costs me actual money to make STE do more for you.

The purchase of a book on multi-threaded programming has resulted in the following so far:

  • automatic update checks
  • validating your user name (added in 3.25)
  • usage statistics
  • extensions

Without that book these things would still be possible, but they would not be worth implementing as they would need to be run on the same processor thread as the main program, and would slow everything else down considerably!

How YOU can HELP!

Back in December of last year, jjsjjs suggested that I add a "Donate" button to the website using PayPal.

I have done that here: Donate — or you can use the button posted below:

It is completely up to you if you donate or not. There are other ways that you can do more than enough to help me out; whether it be reporting bugs, sharing your ideas for new features, developing extensions, or just being a part of the community and using STE. It is thanks to all of you that STE is where it is right now.

This is just one more way that you can help me out, and in turn I'll help you out by spending even more time improving STE! :)

Thanks for reading!

leigerleiger (Shane)

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