How does/should STE help you?

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11 Feb 2011 06:49. Edited 2 times. (Edit, Permalink)

What is your personal opinion on what STE should be able to do for you - and how well does it achieve this task at the moment? (v3.25)

I'll start off.

This is a list of things that I want to get out of a Wikidot API client, and the second column decides whether STE is capable of doing these things for me or not.

What do I need to do? Can STE do this for me?
Fill up my computer screen with code, so that I can see a whole page's source code at once. This would make editing easier than the small edit window in a browser. YES I can expand STE to the full screen, and editing is easier as a result.
Make small changes quickly, even if I'm on a slow connection. YES Importing, editing then exporting is very easy and very quick. Faster than using a browser.
Sometimes I need to create a back-end or system page, but don't want to annoy watchers with unneccessary e-mails about this. YES Because STE uses the API, changes can be made without notifying watchers.
Every now and then I may want to notify watchers of changes, but to make those changes manually on the website would take me too long to do. NOT POSSIBLE STE can't notify watchers of changes, because this isn't in the API yet.
If I'm at university I may need to use the API for a quick change to my Wikidot site. If I don't have my laptop with me, I don't have any development tools and need an alternative. YES STE lets me make changes with the API without having to install development tools. I can download and run it on any computer.
Mass-changes may need to be made from time to time, for administrative purposes. I need a faster way than doing this by hand. The API is the answer. SOMETIMES STE can do this if it's simply a case of renaming/moving several pages at once, but many other tasks possible with the API still require me to write a custom program. Extensions were my initial answer to this, but they aren't useful enough yet.

As a result of doing some brainstorming (above), I've come up with some ideas for where STE needs to be improved further.

Please, do some brainstorming of your own and post your findings below. Perhaps there is something that you wish you could do with your site, but you can't do it because Wikidot has rejected your wish for it. STE might be able to help!

The idea is to think carefully about how you use Wikidot on a daily basis, and how an API client could possibly help you to do these things. I'm hoping that this discussion can lead to some new ideas that aren't on the feedback list yet.

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15 Feb 2011 04:24. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
STE does just about everything I need in terms of interacting with my Wikidot sites, except perhaps allowing mass tagging of pages (similar to the new rename pages tool). Improvements for me would allow quicker and easier editing of pages. Currently I see no real advantage in STE over the in-built wikidot editor. So the following existing wishes (in order of preference) would help me.

  1. cr:17
  2. Code highlighting
  3. Multi document support
  4. Auto-complete of module selectors
  5. Wish - create a link with a keyboard shortcut
  6. The option to choose default font

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18 Feb 2011 11:43. Edited 1 times. (Edit, Permalink)
Marked Wish - create a link with a keyboard shortcut as accepted, as that is the easiest to implement from that list. Should be implemented soon.

As for the rest, will see. Depends on number of people supporting the wish, how long it would take me to implement, and how user-friendly such an implementation will be (many times I've implemented something, then removed it again before release if I'm not satisfied with it).

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