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29 Apr 2011 07:23. Edited 1 times. (Edit, Permalink)

This is mostly a bug fix release, and will be particularly welcome amongst Mac OS X owners. The only change that affects Windows and Linux users is the addition of a keyboard shortcut to make reporting bugs and requesting new features easier.

STE v3.31 - Download, released on 29 April 2011

  • Bugfix (MacOS only): Fixed regression introduced in 3.30 - Mac OS X bug: com.wdeditor.ste.STE
  • Feature (MacOS only): Finally got Brushed metal look in Mac OS X working (only visibly affects toolbar, rest is hidden behind main text area)
  • Keyboard shortcut: "Send feedback or bug report" now uses function key F6, to open your default web browser at the feedback tracker page

Note: Will be uploaded sometime within the next 30 minutes. I'll edit this page to remove this notice as soon as it is available. Released!

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