STE v1.03 has been released!

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27 Apr 2010 03:44. Edited 2 times. (Edit, Permalink)

The file size is now smaller as a result of removing the Line Wrap option from the toolbar.

After having a quick look at the code required to turn it into a toggle button (different appearance when it is turned on, compared to when it is turned off), I instead decided to just remove it completely and instead make the menu item have a check mark next to it when the Line Wrap feature is turned on.

This of course means that I removed the icons for it, and that would have lowered the file size as well.

I also noticed a small bug while I was testing the changes I had made, and subsequently fixed it.

Version 1.03 (27 April 2010)

* Change: Line Wrap menu item now has a check mark next to it
* Removed: Line Wrap toolbar button
* Bugfix: Line Wrap was not being properly recognised when the application first started - barely noticible to the user

Download STE v1.03 from the Download page.

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