Programmers Wanted!

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10 Jun 2011 08:10. Edited 2 times. (Edit, Permalink)

I would like to launch the Code Contribution Program.

Over the past year I have had a couple of offers from other programmers and software engineers to help with the development of STE, but as I would like this to be my own project I have generally thanked them for the offer but politely refused.

For this reason, STE will not become open-source software in the forseeable future.

However, today I would like to launch the Code Contribution Program (or simply "CCP") - giving you a way to submit small snippets of code that you feel might benefit STE in some way.

If I end up adapting your code and implementing it in STE, you will gain recognition and be listed in the "About" dialog. The fact that it has been added to STE will also be marked alongside your code on the wiki.

Should you have any questions about this, please direct them to the comments below. And, thanks in advance for your help! :)

What I am currently looking for:

  • Offline Preview: Need some sample code for parsing Wikidot -> HTML syntax, to save some time writing it myself. Any programming language will do, I can easily port it.
  • Auto-complete Syntax: Looking for example Java code to add [[/code]] when [[code]] is detected in TextArea. Should also work for [[code type="language"]].
  • Change heading level: Code to modify heading level on current line to H2, regardless of whether there is a heading already, and regardless of what the existing heading level is (TextArea)

Note that generic code is perfectly fine, I will rename your variables to match those that I am already using if it is necessary. Version 4 might be open-sourced, once I have cleaned up the code, which would make it even easier to contribute.

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