STE 3.43 released

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09 Jul 2011 02:42. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)

STE v3.43 - Download, released on 09 July 2011

This release contains a few useful new features, including automatic backup of your document at a regular interval (however this currently acts strange when you open multiple windows), and moving all data files to a more hidden location so that they don't appear in the same location as STE does.

  • Automatic Backup of your document every 15 seconds, in case STE crashes unexpectedly (wish)
  • All *.data files are now unique for each user & stored in a new, separate directory (wish)
  • Drag-and-drop any file into the same location as STE, and when you next run the application it will automatically move the file to the new directory. This means it is still easy to install extensions on computers without Internet access. (More information)

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