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STE v3.50 - Download, released on 01 August 2011

This release brings a number of exciting new features to your wikidot editor! When exporting a page you can now modify the description of changes, prevent STE from checking whether the page exists (making exporting a lot faster), and send notifications to your watchers (making it useful for writing blog posts and other pages that you want your users to be notified about).

Additionally, STE can now be used on more computers in more locations as this release includes support for HTTP network proxies, including those that require user authentication. Many corporate environments such as your workplace, school or university may use a HTTP proxy.

Major features:

  • You can now specify a comment (or "description of changes") when exporting a page
  • It is possible to disable the check for whether a page exists when you are exporting
  • Notifications can be sent to watchers of the page when you export
  • New "Network" settings tab that allows you to connect to the API through a HTTP network proxy. Proxy authentication is supported, but recommended that you only use it on a private computer as it's possible that someone else may be able to obtain your network password otherwise.

Other changes:

  • Export dialog now uses a third-party layout manager. Some fields have been re-positioned to make use of available space.
  • Mac OS X: Trackpad Gestures have been removed, but may be added again in the future.

Bug fixes:

  • Save button was not visible on the Page Meta dialog.

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