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This is a summary of the Usage Statistics recorded from December 2010 to June 2011, from those that have opted to take part in usage tracking. You can find out more about what statistics are tracked on the wiki.

Overall, usage of STE saw a huge spike in January in all four areas that are tracked with a total of 95 startups, 245 imports, 310 exports, and 21 uses of the preview function in that month alone! Only now are the numbers beginning to match the January figures once again.

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Graph illustrating the number of times that the application has been started up from December 2010 to June 2011
Graph illustrating the number of times that the application has been used to import, export or preview a page from December 2010 to June 2011.


One thing that can be interpreted from these two graphs is that you (as a user) generally export more often than you import pages. Based on what people have told me, this is because you prefer to export a page multiple times after making small changes, rather than using the preview function for this task.

But why would you do that? The answer is simple: the preview feature sucks. It's not as useful as I had hoped it would be:

  • It requires that you be connected to the Internet, which means that it can't be used offline, and the time taken to generate a preview is dependent on your Internet connection speed.
  • The HTML interpreter being used by STE is not capable of rendering HTML5 and CSS3.

Thanks to some help from James Kanjo, the reliability on an Internet connection should soon be resolved. I'm debating whether to wait until version 4 before I implement this though, as despite the amount of time James has put into his Wikidot syntax interpreter, it will take me an hour or two to implement it into STE the first time.

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Aww, depends really. Is it that the users don't like the current implementation of the previewing feature? Or is it that perhaps they merely have no need for a previewing feature?

Previewing is an interesting topic. Lot's of people say they want WYSIWYG editors, so perhaps you could implement an optional floating “live preview” box, that instantly generates the HTML equivalent of the user's source code. You could instead track how many people have the floating preview box turned on or off, and see if it's something user's appreciate.

Fortunately, you're the developer of STE, so you get to make all the decisions about the way you develop it. As the users, we just love STE, so we don't mind what you decide to do!

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Sure, I am the developer and therefore I am able to make those decisions. But I like to think that it is the users (like yourself) that drive the development, and that it is the users that come up with the ideas for the next great killer feature.

One thing that isn't requested often, but I know people want, is some way to make STE act like a native application on Windows. So I'm looking at a way to deliver that, whilst not adding too much extra work for myself every time I release an update.

Which reminds me… I think the majority of STE users have Windows as their primary OS. But the way that statistics are tracked at the moment, I have no way of knowing that for sure. Two people with the same OS are indistinguishable on my statistics.

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