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25 Apr 2010 04:03. Edited 1 times. (Permalink)

This is a list of forum rules. There's only a few of them :)

  • Be civil to one another
  • Constructive criticism is fine
  • Try to stay on topic
  • Don't post spam or spam links

It is the sole discretion of moderators whether or not you have broken any of these rules, and they reserve the right to edit your forum post to remove inappropriate or offensive material.

In such a case, they will append a small note to the bottom of your post to let you know that they've made some changes, and the reason why they have done so.

In order to keep things fair, we have provided you with a way to discuss the rules. While you can do that here, we would ask that you do not discuss specific situations in the thread and that you raise any concerns directly with a moderator.

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