How to indicate interest in a certain bug or feature being worked on?

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I would like to work on the features that people want the most, as well as those that either I want myself or are easy to do. The problem is finding a way for people to show their interest in a certain feature - and it needs to be reliable.

So far I've been going by the amount of discussion about a certain feature being a good indication that people are interested in seeing it developed further. Therefore the two most-discussed features were added to Version 2 (released earlier today).

  • Wikidot API support, requested by leiger (26 replies)
  • Preview for when writing is done., requested by titen96 (15 replies)

Clearly, you wanted those features.

Whenever I come up with an idea for the editor I create a new thread for it, hoping to bounce ideas off of you guys (and girls?) - but most of those threads have no replies. I'm not sure whether that's an indication that no-one wants the feature, or if people would like to have it but they don't have anything to add and so they don't post a reply.


  • Should I continue to rely on the number of replies, and encourage you all to reply if you are interested in using a certain feature (even if it's just to say "sounds good!")
  • Or should I look at another alternative, such as wikidot's Rate module?

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Personally I think adding a ratings module to each of the threads would make it easier to indicate interest in a particular feature, but given there's only four or five regular contributors to the forum, it may not be that useful?

If you went for ratings, you could then put a list on the homepage of the most requested features.


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11 Jul 2010 18:47. Edited 0 times. (Edit, Permalink)
If I have something to add, you'll see a comment from me. I trust your judgment on what features make the most sense for STE. I think we all have slightly different methods in how we like to use Wikidot, and I think the same will be true for STE as you continue to develop it.

For example, I'm not big on toolbar buttons, but I would use some of the buttons I will find useful on a regular basis - especially for things that are hard to type (like my recent comment block suggestion). Anything you can add to the editor that makes our life easier will be welcome. The fact that I can selectively turn buttons on and off is huge. I can eliminate the "clutter" of buttons I would rarely use. I love the idea of allowing custom buttons so a user like Brunhilda can populate them with her hassle-to-type foreign language characters.

I don't think you necessarily need our input on every feature you'd like to add. It's great that you're keeping us informed and asking for input, but I think a simple list of features you're planning on adding is enough. If we see something that isn't in the list or would like something enhanced, we can request it. Similarly, if you're having trouble deciding on the best way to implement a new feature, you can ask us what our preferences are.

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I'm still exploring what I'm able to do with STE myself - so most of the time you request features I think "Oh yes, that'd be nice to have!". There's not much of a plan, just a list of bugs and list of feature requests and I use that to work on the next version.

Anything that I add as a feature that wasn't requested first, is generally a result of me needing to do something and finding that STE doesn't let me do that. So I change STE to suit my needs :)

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